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Steve Nichols MBPsS whilst an undergrad at Surrey University 1978/80 studied with AJ Ayer who succeeded Julian Huxley (inventor of Transhumanism) as president of the British Humanist Association. Around this time Steve solved the so-called "Hard" Mind/Body problem in academic Philosophy, and has developed MVT further to date. Steve set up the medical electronics business 'Biophysical Research' in 1982 since sold to a company in Eire. Whilst completing an MSc in Neural Computing at CCCN Stirling Uni 1995, Steve started experiments with unconstrained circuitry and real (analog) computing. He remains convinced that mereological supervenience between MVT artificial circuits and MVT natural brains is the most viable avenue, although other biological approaches to Perpetual Life might also work. In 1988 Steve published his Posthuman Manifesto, and since then has been active in radical futurism, travelling to Sri Lanka to discuss the future with Arthur C Clark in the 1990's, and currently running online PH facebook groups, The Posthuman Daily and so on. Software and books at https://posthuman.TV


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